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Beta sign-ups!

Okay, some amongst you have freakishly amazingly managed to already write your stories and are looking for betas. Others are still in the planning stages and that is cool. Either way it helps to have a sounding board and beta. This community is a great place to preview a fic and get advice (many of you are already doing this), but it beneficial to have an individual person to help you, too.

Betas are more than necessary: they are all but required. For most of us, the more we look at a fic, the less we tend to see. (At least one mod has stared at her bigbangblackout fic until her eyes bled.) Beta-ing it is about more than miss-spellings and bad grammars. (Althow that is important, two.) We all make mistakes – even Rowling. (The Priori Incantatem scene in Goblet of Fire, anyone?) It’s usually little things: during a sex scene Sirius somehow manages to have his hands on Remus’ arse, belly, face, hair, and ring-toe simultaneously or Remus’ eyes are described as gold in one scene and blue-green plaid in another. Betas can Brit-pick, give opinions on characterizations/plot points, correct spelling/punctuation/grammar issues, and even help you with syntax, sentence structure, and unemotional repetitions or repeats of mis-used words.

In other words: all fics need to be beta'd. Art may be beta'd as well, but that is not required!  Granted, your beta does not necessarily need to be a team member, but that is a great place to start. So without further ado, if you are willing to beta, please
go to your team community and sign-up at the beta post. That post will serve as the place to find betas and to offer your services.



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