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Sign-Ups! June 1st - June 12th!

Sign-ups for RS_Games 2009 are now officially closed. Thank you, everyone, for signing up and teams will be announced on Monday, June 15th. 

Let the Games Begin!!!!!!

FAIR WARNING: As of this point we have enough for full teams of writers so the lottery is in effect. We will make every attempt to include as many people as possible, but please know that the writers lottery is now in effect.

About Our Theme:
In 1978 the Marauders were enjoying their first year of freedom from Hogwarts. James and Lily got married and our boys were busy with the work of the Order of the Phoenix.

Meanwhile, in the Muggle world, a San Francisco artist named Gilbert Baker designed an eight-stripe, rainbow hued flag to fly over the Gay Freedom Day Parade. The flag represents unity through diversity and was inspired by the song, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” The original version had eight stripes from top to bottom: pink (sexuality/love), red (life/strength), orange (healing/understanding), yellow (sunlight/happiness), green (nature/peace), turquoise (magic/art), indigo/blue (serenity/understanding), and violet (spirit/spirituality). Our theme and our prompts are based on the symbol and meaning of this flag.

This does not mean that you have to define the sexuality of Remus and Sirius in any particular way. The Rainbow Pride Flag is about diversity and is a celebration of all aspects of humanity. So come with us Over the Rainbow and go for the gold!

General Overview:

You asked for it, you got it. RS_Games 2009! New and improved and better than ever!

The Games are about having fun, spreading the love of our favorite ship, friendly competition, and going for Puppyshippers’ gold.

Here is how it works: One team will be Canon Compliant and the other is AU. Each team will compete to win the Puppyshippers’ Gold by creating the best fics and artwork. Fics and/or art will be posted anonymously each day during the run of the games and readers will vote on each work. This year there will be just one round to decide it all!

At the end of the Games, the winning team will be revealed but, as we see it, everyone is a winner. The public at large gets to vote on the best fics and art works, but the real fun is in the process of creating some wonderful R/S works to share!

RS_Games 2009 on IJ is HERE.


Time Line:
Sign-ups begin on June 1st and last through 11:59PM EST (like NYC) on Friday, June 12th.
Teams will be announced Monday, June 15th
Prompt table goes up Tuesday, June 16th and closes at 11:59PM EST (like NYC) on Tuesday, June 23nd
Works are due by 11:59 PM on Sunday, September 27th EST (like NYC).
Posting begins Thursday, October 1 and reveals will be the first week of November.

Sign-up process:
Sign-ups begin on Monday, June 1st and will last until 11:59PM, EST on Friday, June 12th . Please use the following form to sign up:

(Note: There is no guarantee that you will get the team of your choice. If you are willing to play on either team, please note that and the Mods will be happy to assign you to the team who needs you most!)

If we should get too many applicants we will hold a lottery to choose participants. Artists and writers will be held in separate lotteries and, as each name is chosen we will fill up the teams with the person’s first choice. If your first-choice team is filled when we draw your name, you will be placed on the other team. Also, we will hold a list of up to three alternates (or Pinch Hitters) for each team, so if you do not get chosen the first time, you may still get a chance to play.

Canon v. AU:
Generally, canon-compliant means following the standard canon events as seen in the books and AU means everything deviating from that timeline. But the key word is deviating. For the sake of the Games, the Black Family Tree IS included as canon, but not included are interviews and comments that JK Rowling has made outside of the books. For example, just because JKR once mentioned that James paid for Remus’ expenses after graduation from Hogwarts does not mean that a fic is AU if Sirius does it. This is nothing against JKR, it is simply for the sake of definition here.

The Harry Potter Lexicon - http://www.hplex.info/index-2.html - is a good resource if you have questions about what may or may constitute canon. Here is a useful timeline: http://www.hplex.org/timelines/timeline.php?startyear=1960&endyear=1998

AU means intentionally outside of the traditional, canon timeline or known events. Canon can include plausible aberrations. Obviously, there is a lot that we do not know to be factual canon, but that does not mean it could not have happened. (In fact, this whole ship is that way.) For example, we don’t really know if Remus and Sirius lived together after leaving Hogwarts, so it’s acceptable for canon if they do (or don’t.) We don’t know if the two of them communicated between the incident in the Shrieking Shack and Lie Low at Lupins era, so that is fine either way for canon, too. Basically, if there is no proof that it did not happen and it does not interfere with the known timeline, it could be canon and it is fine.

Another way of looking at it is this: it is canon as long as what happens does not affect the standard timeline or known event outcomes. For example, you want Sirius and Remus to visit France in the June of 1979? Fine. We have no proof that they did or did not do that. But if you want them to visit France in June of 1996 it would mean that they missed the Battle at the Ministry and Sirius did not die and that would be AU.

However, other things are utterly AU. Remus is in Ravenclaw? That’s AU. Sirius doesn’t go to Azkaban? That’s also AU. Non-magic and historical AU is fine, too. However, if you write a sweeping saga of the Marauders’ Sixth Year and fail to include the Willow Prank it is not AU unless the whole focus is what would have happened had that not ever taken place.

If you have questions or doubts as to what is AU and what is canon, we will publish a specific guideline for posting in each community, but you can also ask a Mod or create a community-based discussion. Basically, think of it as a wide canvas rather than a maze of nitpicking details. Just because you inadvertently include Arthur Weasley in a scene during Christmas of OotP when he was supposed to be in the hospital, does not make it AU unless the rest of the timeline changes. But if Arthur dies and Remus and Sirius adopt Ron? Well, that would be AU.

General Game Rules:
1. The stories will be a minimum of 1,500 words and a maximum of 40,000. Please know that if you choose to go over 10,000 words your fic might have to be divided and we ask that you establish the line of division yourself.

2. Art has no size requirements.

3. A list of prompts will be posted and each participant must choose one prompt from the list. The prompt table will appear on June 16th and you will have until 11:59PM EST (like NYC) on June 23rd to make your choice. If you are going to be out of computer range during that time, please see a Mod.

4. Whether you are team Canon or Team AU, works should be labeled as one (or two) of the following genres. Please note, these categories will be used for organizational purposes only and not used as a basis for voting.
a. Angst
b. Fluff/Romance
c. Hurt/Comfort
d. Horror/Adventure
f. Humor/Crack
What? NO smut? Well, smut can fit in anywhere, right?

5. All works must be submitted by the deadline and will be screened and posted by Mods. If you think that you are going to miss the deadline, please see your Team Captain or a Mod to arrange a Pinch Hit. Missed deadlines will result in elimination or, if you wish, you may apply for an extension. But there is a catch: two points will be deducted for each day you are late. So if your work were to earn an overall eighteen (out of twenty) points, it would only be worth sixteen and so forth.

6. All fics and art must be rated. Ratings in the community will go from "G” (of “all ages" to "NC-17” (or “18+”.) Obviously, this community will contain fictional works involving same-sex relationships between fictional characters. If you are bothered by that concept please do not enter. While there are no official rules against (properly labeled) adult themes and material, please be aware that this is a game opened to everyone and the more general the access, the more votes you will get. Choosing to write NC-17 might seriously decrease readership. The same is true for non-consensual sex and other controversial themes. Please see the “Ratings Guide” section” below for more information.

7. All fics should be beta’d and, to be fair, it is best that all fics appear similar in format so we prefer that you use either Arial or Times New Roman in a plain, 10-point font. However, if font appearance or size is somehow integral to the story, please just let us know that. Obviously, letters, notes and other text-within-text situations are exceptions. Please put in the coding yourself. If you have questions about how to code we will happily provide a guideline or you can ask a Mod or community member.

8. Posts will be accomplished by the Mods and all you have to do is prepare your work and email it to: rs_games1@yahoo.com. You may submit any time before the deadline and you should receive a confirmation email within twenty-four hours of submission. If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact a Mod.
When you send your email please include the text of the story and/or a copy (or link) to the artwork . You may send it as an attachment or in the body of the email. Please the following form as a header:

Your user name (will be deleted before posting):
Word Count:

Fic/Art Below:

Your name and team will be removed before posting and a general disclaimer will appear on the site.

The “warnings” space is mostly optional, especially for “G” rated fics (please see Ratings Guide), but it is best if you warn your audience about anything that might be potentially adult-related. Warnings might include everything from swearing to frottage to character death to non-consensual sex. However, for the sake of expediency, let’s just assume that things like “boy kissing” and “same-sex romance” are givens. This is Remus and Sirius, after all!

9. Entries will be judged in the following manner:
Is the author/artist true to their team? Yes/No vote ("yes" is worth 2 points, "no" is worth 0)
How well did the author/artist use their Prompt? 1 to 9 (1 being the least)
How much did you like this story/art overall? 1 to 9 (1 being the least)

Your final score will be an average off all the votes and poll results will remain hidden. You will not get to see your scores, but you will be allowed to see all comments. Flaming is not allowed and all offensive/hurtful comments will be removed.

Again, voting is open to the public, but team members and Mods cannot vote. We do however encourage all participants to comment on works and pimp the Games as much as possible. Remember, all works are posted anonymously, so we ask you to honor that and not pimp your work on your own journal by revealing what you created. Pimp the Games, pimp works you love, encourage people to read your team’s works, but please do not cheat and reveal yourself before reveals. All votes are averaged so it does not matter as much how many people vote for any particular story or artwork, but it is nice to get as many votes as possible.

Overall team scores will be posted by the Mods at the end of the Games.

10. Each team will have a home community in which to gather and make decisions. (The first of these decisions is to choose and vote on a team name. You will also be electing Team Captains.) This community is also your place to plan battle strategies and support each other as teammates. This support can come in the form of brainstorming, canon/AU discussions, posting work samples, cheerleading, beta help, and the collective support needed to win the PuppyShippers Gold. The teams can also use these private communities to enlist the support of and ask questions to our most excellent Mod team.

If you have any questions please email rsgamesmods1@yahoo.com or ask below.

Sign-up now! Initial comments may be screened.

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