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The Remus/Sirius Games

The Remus/Sirius Games!
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“Nothing can cure the soul but the senses, just as nothing can cure the senses, but the soul.” - Oscar Wilde

We perceive the world in many ways, and describe it in, perhaps, many more. Imagine biting into a shiny, red apple… You see the gleam of sunlight on it’s mottled skin and feel the soft, waxy smoothness in your hand. You smell the sharp, fresh scent just before your teeth sink into the flesh with a slightly squeaky crunch, and a burst of sweet-sour juice hits your tongue. All five senses are involved, forming a bond between you, the apple, and the person to whom you’re describing the experience.

And so comes this year’s theme: PERCEPTION: THE FIVE SENSES.

General Overview:
Welcome to RS_Games 2014! It’s your old friend, but with a fresh, new look, theme, and makeover. New and improved with changes based upon your fabulous suggestions and ideas!

As always, the Games are about having fun and spreading the love of our favorite ship, as well as, of course, going for Puppyshippers’ Gold. Sure it’s a competition between teams, but it’s really more about making friends, telling stories, and having a good time.

Here is how it works: as in previous years, two teams will compete by creating the best possible stories and artwork for readers to enjoy and vote upon. Think of it as working together to create a body of work, a book of stories both visual and narrative which represent your team’s point of view. During the posting portion of the Games, works will be posted anonymously each day and readers will vote on each work. These works are not directly competing against each other, for the voters will evaluate each work independently, not as compared with one another.

At the end of the Games, the team who has accrued the most points will be officially declared the winner, but, as we see it, everyone is a winner. The public at large gets to read, view, and vote on the best fics and art works around, but the real fun is in the process of making friends and creating some wonderful R/S pieces to share!

About Our Theme:
Most people agree that some of the best writing – be it fan fiction, novels, memoir, or whatever – is rich in sensory detail. And we all love stories in which we can share the tastes, scents, sounds, sights, and feelings, that the characters experience. This year’s Games is all about the five senses and how we use them to explore everything around us. Sight. Sound. Smell. Taste. Touch. They are your windows to the world.

About Our Teams:
This year we’re really changing it up. Get ready for… TEAM MAGIC V. TEAM MUGGLE!

WHAT?” you are asking, “How can that possibly work?

It’s easy, it’s fun, – but it’s not really all that different from what you’ve always done. Some of you have had a way with Magic, you invent new spells and create characters out of delightful magical creature and amusing talking objects. You describe Quidditch like a pro, and use Rowling’s themes so well that your stories could be hers – just with more steamy, boy love. Truly, you could have gone to Hogwarts - or maybe you actually did. Others of you create fiction so true-life realistic, our boys become like original characters in your hands. In your world, Sirius might be a rock star or Remus a librarian, and you deal with themes like homophobia, drug abuse, and artistic longing. Heck, some of your stories are even set in space or in banks or in posh British boarding schools. But wherever you fall on the spectrum, there is a place for you at rs_games.

Obviously, as Robin Thicke might point out, there are always blurred lines. Not everything fits neatly into the categories of “Magic” or “Muggle” – and that is perfectly fine. The team designations are about how a story or artwork feels, about what sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and feelings are central to the experience.

Team Magic is all about how it feels to be a part of the Magical world. Stories and art might include spells/charms/potions, talking objects/magical creatures, and magically themed conflict like issues of blood purity or werewolf prejudice. They might be set primarily at in places like Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley, or Ottery St. Catchpole, where characters work as Aurors or at the Ministry of Magic. When people fight, they probably duel, and when they crave sport, they follow Quidditch on the Wizarding Wireless. This does not mean that you cannot reference Muggle things, too, but you and your creation are pretty firmly centered in the Wizarding World. And you don’t need to follow faithfully in JKR’s footsteps, for you can just as easily create your own magical elements. Anything goes, as long as it’s Magic.

Team Muggle, by contrast, is all about a different sort of magic: the magic we experience every day. Making pop culture references, baking cookies, drinking beer at pubs, shopping for hats, all the fabulousness of everyday (or not so everyday) life can appear in these works. Team Muggle does not just mean non-magic AU (though that is certainly a legit part of it); it means stories and art centered around aspects of Muggle life. This might be the boys, post-Hogwarts, living in a Muggle part of town, working at Muggle jobs, and doing things the Muggle way. They might ride the train to work or do dishes by hand. It could mean experimenting with Muggle music and culture – think Sirius’ motorbike or Remus battling a toaster oven. It could mean everything from a childhood on a Muggle farm to Muggle-style road trip after graduation. It can also center around real-world issues (things not mentioned in the books) like homophobia, gender identity, drug addiction, and racism. Again, your characters can be as magical as they are in the books, they’re just dealing with aspects of the Muggle world.

Time Line:
Sign-ups begin on Sunday, May 25th and last through 11:59PM EST (like NYC) on Monday, June 2nd Watch the rs_games site for the sign-up post.

Teams will be announced on Wednesday, June 4th.

Prompt table goes up Friday, June 6th and closes at 11:59PM EST (like Toronto) on Wednesday, June 11th. (NOTE: If for some reason you will be out of reach of a computer during that time, please let the Mods know in advance and we will be happy to accommodate you.)
You may begin creating your work as soon as you receive your prompt confirmation. It’s not like we’re going to deny you your prompt just to be mean, but (for the sake of variety) we do have to limit the number of persons per prompt. So the earlier you choose, the better. Besides, it gives you more time to work.

Works are due by 11:59 PM on Wednesday, September 24th EST (like Miami). This gives you about fourteen weeks (depending upon when you choose your prompt) to create your work, and you are welcome to turn in your work early, if you wish. There will be activities (both team and inter-team), fun, and lots of interaction during this creation period, so never fear things slowing down. No one is ever bored or alone in RS_Games!

Posting begins Tuesday, October 1 and runs throughout the month. How many days will be determined by the number of participants, etc.

The winning team will be revealed in early November.

Sign-up process:
Sign-ups begin on Sunday, May 25th and last through 11:59PM EST (like NYC) on Monday, June 2nd and the sign-up post will use the following information:
User name:
Real name: (Optional. We don’t share it, but it does make matching emails to user names much easier when the works come in.)
Email contact/best contact:
It is VERY important that we be able to contact you. If you have issues with sharing your email, please be sure that we can contact you by LJ PM.
Country/City/State: (just to get an idea of your time zone) and where you are in the world. Don’t worry, we’re not stalkers – but it is fun to know how many countries/states/areas participate and when we can best reach you:
Team Choice:
NOTE: No matter how hard we try to accommodate everyone, there is no guarantee that you will get the your first choice of teams. Obviously we will make every attempt to give players the team they want most, but that is not always possible. If you are willing to play on either team, please note that and the Mods will be happy to assign you to the team who really needs you!

If we should get too many applicants we will hold a lottery (using a random number generator) to choose participants. Artists and writers will be held in separate lotteries and, as each name is chosen, we will fill up the teams based on the participant’s preference. If your first-choice team is filled when we draw your name, you will be placed on the other team.

Also, we may hold a list of up to six alternates (or Pinch Hitters) for each team, so if you do not get chosen the first time, you may still get a chance to have your work displayed in regular play. (If not, your work will be displayed as exhibition during the vote-counting process.) Pinch Hitters are full members of the Team Community, have full posting access, and will create a work just like everyone else. Please note, in all previous years virtually all the Pinch Hitters ended-up having their works in regular posting, so do not think for a minute that you’re just because you’re a Pinch Hitter, you don’t have to create a work or be a Team member. Far from it, in fact. You’re important. In fact, you’ll probably be the one who comes in to save the day.

General Game Rules:
1. The stories will be a minimum of 1,500 words and, while there is no maximum, please know that if you choose to go over a certain size (probably around 50,000 words) your story may need to be divided into smaller sections to accommodate size restrictions. We ask that you establish the line of division yourself. Also, keep in mind that this is a competition. Many readers adore long works, but others find the length off-putting and skip the longer works. We encourage you to write as your muse directs you, but please don’t forget the your audience as well.

2. Art has no size requirements, but keep in mind the size of most people’s computer screens, etc. If it’s too big it can become unwieldy, and some people may have trouble viewing it. If it’s too small, people may not be able to see it clearly.

3. A list of prompts will be posted and each participant must choose one prompt ONLY from the list. There are three types of prompts: Word-based (like quotations and phrases), picture-based (like photographs and drawings), and audio-visual (like music and videos), and there are always enough so that every participant should find something to inspire them. The prompt table will appear on Friday June 6th, you have until 11:59PM EST (like Toronto or Atlanta) on Wednesday, June 11th to make your choice. (If you are going to be out of computer range during that time, please see a Mod and we would be happy to work with you.) If multiple prompts inspire you, so much the better, but you need to pick only ONE that will be used for voting.

4. Whether you are Team Magic or Team Muggle works should be labeled as one (or more) of the following genres. Please note, these categories will be used ONLY for Mod organizational purposes and not used as a basis for voting. In fact, at least on the LJ side, your genre labels will be removed from the header. (We’ve found that this increases readership.) The genre choices are:
a. Angst
b. Fluff/Romance
c. Hurt/Comfort
d. Horror/Adventure
f. Humor/Crack
e. Smut
f. AU or canon
Please note, any and all of these categories are welcome. Stories may be canon or AU, crack or angst or pretty much anything you want. And, yes, sometimes these things are hard to categorize, but remember, it is ONLY for organizational purposes, so please just do your best. You may also notice that “Crossover” is not on the list. You are more than free to write crossover, but, once again, keep in mind that this is a competition and you want to reach as wide an audience as possible. Many good writers and artists can always create crossover works that can stand on their own or reach any audience, but it can still be tricky and readers not familiar with the crossover work can sometimes feel a bit alienated and vote accordingly.

5. All works must be submitted by 11:59 PM on Wednesday, September 24th EST and will be screened and posted by Mods. If you think that you are going to miss the deadline, please see your Team Captain or a Mod to arrange a Pinch Hit. Missed deadlines will result in elimination and this will hurt your team’s overall score.

Or, if you wish, you may apply for an extension. But there is a catch: one-half point will be deducted for each day you are late.

6. All fics and art must be rated. Ratings in the community will go from "G” (or “all ages") to "NC-17” (or “18+”). Obviously, this community will contain fictional works involving same-sex relationships between fictional characters. If you are bothered by that concept please do not enter. While there are no official rules against (properly labeled) adult themes and material, please be aware that this is a game opened to everyone and the more general the access, the more votes you will get. Due to certain LJ and DW posting requirements, choosing to write NC-17 could possibly decrease readership. The same is true for non-consensual sex and other controversial themes. Again, this is an issue between you and your muse, but there are things to keep in mind. Please see the “Ratings Guide” section” below for more information.

7. All fics should be beta’d and, to be fair, it is best that all fics appear similar in format. We prefer that you use either Arial or Times New Roman in a plain, 10-point font. However, if font appearance or size is somehow integral to the story, please just let us know that - but remember that stories that are physically hard to read garner less votes. Obviously, letters, notes, and other text-within-text situations are exceptions, but please put in the coding yourself. Proper coding is essential; if you have questions about how to code we will happily provide a guideline or you can ask a Mod or community member.

8. Posts will be accomplished by the Mods and all you have to do is prepare your work and email it to: rs_games1@yahoo.com. You may submit any time before the deadline, and you should receive a confirmation email within twenty-four hours of submission. If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact a Mod.

When you send your email please include your user name, team, and the title of your work in the subject line. This makes it easier for the mods to organize. Along those lines, if you have multiple user names or change your user name, please let us know as this can become confusing. Also, please include the text of the story and/or a copy (or link) to the artwork . You may send it either as an attachment or in the body of the email. Please use the following form as a header both in the work and in the body of the email. Remember, as in the story itself, you must include the coding in the header. Coding is important and coding errors can make or break a story. Also, fixing coding errors can easily drive the Mods into an early grave – and nobody wants that!

Your user name (will be deleted before posting):
Genres (will also be deleted before posting on LJ):
Word Count:

Fic/Art Below:

Your name, team, and genres will be removed before posting and a general disclaimer will appear on the site.

The “warnings” space is mostly optional, especially for “G” rated fics (please see Ratings Guide), but it is best if you warn your audience about anything that might be potentially adult-related. Warnings might include everything from swearing to frottage to character death to non-consensual sex. However, for the sake of expediency, let’s just assume that things like “boy kissing” and “same-sex romance” are givens. This is Remus and Sirius, after all! Also, keep in mind that warning can also be advertising for other people’s kinks. Bondage? Drug use? Talking llamas? Sometimes people will read something just because you’re creative here.

Under “Notes” you can give bits of background, explanation, etc. You may also thank a beta or someone else who helped you, but please use initials only, etc. For example, if your beta is cackling_madly you could call her “C” or use the first initial of her real name. This is only because some people always use the same beta and it can become rather obvious who is who.

9. Entries will be judged in the following manner:

1. Does the piece truly reflect the feeling of the Magical (for Team Magic) or Muggle (for Team Muggle) World? ("Yes" is worth 2 points, “sort of” is worth 1 point, and "no" is worth 0)
2. How well did the author/artist use their Prompt? 1 to 9 (1 being the least)
3. How much did you like this story/art overall? 1 to 9 (1 being the least)

Your final score will be an average of all the votes and poll results will remain hidden. You will not get to see your scores, but you will be allowed to see all comments.

Flaming is not allowed and any and all offensive/hurtful comments will be removed. If, as a participant, you find a comment that you consider hurtful or rude, please let a Mod know immediately. Again, flaming and rudeness will not be tolerated. We really mean it! Trolls are only Magical Creatures and the only flaming allowed is Sirius swishing around in glam make-up and tight leather pants. SIRIUSLY!

Voting is open to the public, but Team members and Mods cannot vote. We do, however, encourage all participants to comment on works and pimp the Games as much as possible. Remember, all works are posted anonymously, so we ask you to honor that and not pimp your work on your own journal by revealing what you created. Pimp the Games, pimp works you love, encourage people to read your team’s works, but please do not cheat and reveal yourself before Reveals. If we catch you doing this it is very possible that you and your work will be eliminated from the Games and that will undoubtedly hurt your Team a lot. All votes are averaged so it does not matter as much how many people vote for any particular story or artwork, but it is nice to get as many votes as possible.

Overall team scores will be posted by the Mods at the end of the Games, but individual scores will not. The latter is simply to avoid hurt feelings. This isn’t about competition amongst your teammates, it’s about competition between Teams.

10. Each Team will have a home community in which to gather, socialize, have fun, and make decisions. (The first of these decisions is to choose and vote on a Team Captains.) This community is also your place to plan battle strategies and support each other as teammates. Such support can come in the form of brainstorming, discussions, posting work samples, cheerleading, beta help, and the collective support needed to win the PuppyShippers Gold. The Teams can also use these private communities to enlist the support of and ask questions to our most excellent Mod team.

Ratings Guide:
All fics and art must be rated. This rating need not be announced when you choose your prompt/genre, but must be included in the description of the work when you post. Ratings in the community will go from “G” (or “all ages") to "NC-17” or (“18+".) Obviously, this community contains fictional works involving same-sex relationships between fictional characters, but please keep in mind that these posts will be read by people of varying ages and sensibilities.

It is also essential that we remain within LJ guidelines. Adult rated art/fan fiction must be F-LOCKED and flagged as “Adult Content”. You will need to join the community as well as watch it in order to see it. Even team community NC-17 posts (should there be any) must also be flagged “Adult Content.”

These are just simple guidelines and we have made attempts to combine American and UK-type guidelines. Nothing is set is stone, but please keep in mind that the idea behind this is to be safe and follow LJ standards. Therefore, when in doubt, please choose the higher category. If you have any questions, please ask one of your friendly, helpful Mods!


G (All ages) - This is the most tame category. Think of it as something that you might let a ten-year-old see. Fics from childhood/early years (without abuse) might fall into this category, and art in which (fully clothed) characters are not touching in any sexual manner would also be “G”.

PG (acceptable for 11 and up) - This can be slightly racier or more violent than G. Think of it as kissing (probably no tongue), pulling a simple prank against another person, mild angst, possibly a slightly scary situation, etc. All characters would be fully clothed here, and nobody would die. Visually, there may be very little difference between “PG” and “G.”

PG-13 (acceptable for 13 and up) - This is one notch up from PG and can include kissing, making out (without genital touching), implied sex, implied abuse, non-graphic violence (dueling without Unforgivable curses, tons of blood/pain, etc.), drinking, mild swearing, character death due to natural causes or “off screen” character death, and general angst, etc. This category can also include partial nudity (chests, back, nothing below the waist, etc.)

R (acceptable for 18 and up) - As far as fics, this category includes sexual acts (oral sex, frottage, masturbation, descriptions of nudity, etc), heavy drinking, drug use, excessive language, violence (blood, pain, Unforgivable Curses, etc.), thoughts of suicide, self-harm, murder, character death due to violent causes, etc. Visually, this would include implied sex (hands under clothing), butt shots, etc.

Note: it has been suggested that any sexual activity involving characters under the age of consent, should fall into this category at the very least.

NC-17 (hardcore) - Think graphic here! This includes graphic sexual acts (anal penetration, bondage, S&M, etc.), graphic violence (blood, gore, etc.) This would also be the category for anything that clearly shows/describes genitals. Just to be safe, any visual representation of acts from the “R” category should probably be NC-17.

Banner Art By: dustmouth

Disclaimer: rs_games does not own Harry Potter or any of the characters/places/items/ideas from J.K. Rowlings books.


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