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October 2nd, 2016

04:43 pm - Welcome to RS_Games 2016 [sticky post]
Welcome to RS_Games 2016
There is a Time and a Place for Everything
Read more about RS_Games, the theme, the rules, how it works, etc.Collapse )

We will be collecting Hot Recs for the Daily_Snitch:
One of our goals is to share the love of our ship and the fantastic works people have created with as many people as possible. One way to do this is to recommend things everywhere, including your own journal and on the daily_snitch.

For those who are unaware, the daily_snitch is a wonderful website that compiles HP works to share with others. They have something called "Hot Recs" which features any work - even anonymous ones - that have at least three recommendations, from three different people, on three different sites. Our goal is to gather as many Hot Recs as possible and point as many people in the direction of the Games as we possibly can.

Rules for Hot RecsCollapse )

Each day, comments will appear on this post containing the titles of the day's works. If you rec a story (LJ, Tumblr, anywhere) please respond to that comment with a link to your rec. We would also really appreciate it, if you put the title of the work in the subject line of the comment. When we collect three recs for a single work, we will send it into the daily_snitch to become a hot rec.

Thank you!

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October 24th, 2016

07:33 am - Day 16 - Fic: Team Place: Ticket To Anywhere
Team: Place

Title: Ticket To Anywhere

Rating: G

Warnings: None

Genres: Canon, Fluff/Romance

Word Count: 1900

Summary: There are about four layers of charms on the bike, although the fourth layer is a speed limiter that Sirius and James are quietly not including in the mapping. Peter wants it to shoot flames from the exhaust, James wants it to be able to skywrite. Sirius just wants to fly.

Notes: I wish I knew more about motorbikes!

Prompt: #50 - "So remember when we were driving driving in your car
Speed so fast I felt like I was drunk
City lights lay out before us
And your arm felt nice wrapped 'round my shoulder
And I had a feeling that I belonged
I had a feeling I could be someone, be someone, be someone..."
- "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman

Ticket To AnywhereCollapse )

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07:32 am - Day 16 - Fic: Team Time: A Heart Closing
Team: Time

Title: A Heart Closing

Rating: R

Warnings: major character death, angst-ridden sex

Genres: period fic (WWII), angst

Word Count: 9300

Summary: A war story, told in stops and starts.

Notes: I decided on a wartime setting partly because I feel like r/s works well with the extra conflict surrounding them, but also partly because this particular war is a time period I'm generally quite interested in and the research into the British intelligence and espionage turned up some truly wild stories of double agents. As far as research goes, I relied heavily on the BBC History People's War archive online, which is a compilation of first hand accounts of wartime experiences in a huge variety of areas. I also read several chapters of The Guy Liddel Diaries: MI5's Director of Counter Espionage in World War II, vol.1 to get a feel for how the intelligence service worked during the war. It was interesting to work out how the wizarding world would fit into that, and how close the Ministry would work with the Muggle government during the war effort.

Also useful was bombsight.org, which provided a general map of London with all major bombing sites pinpointed (invaluable! morbid!) and Sarah Waters' The Night Watch, just as a period novel set in the era that also dealt with closeted characters, albeit lesbian ones.

Last, but definitely not least, I'd like to thank H, who let me bounce ideas off her to ensure maximum angst.

Prompt: #64 - "Sometimes being a friend means mastering the art of timing. There is a time for silence. A time to let go and allow people to hurl themselves into their own destiny. And a time to prepare to pick up the pieces when it's all over." - Octavia Butler

A Heart ClosingCollapse )

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October 21st, 2016

11:29 am - Day 15 - Fic: Team Time: The Redemption of Mercy Knight

Team: Time

Title: The Redemption of Mercy Knight

Rating: M

Warnings: Heavily deals with death, including major character deaths. Minor suicide reference. Implied/referenced sex.

Word Count: 15,000

Summary: Sirius Black and Remus Lupin are dead and Sirius is given one last chance to travel back in time and fix the problems that broke down their relationship. But some relationships aren’t meant to last forever.

Notes: Thanks to my beta, H.

Prompt: #7 - "The Bed Song" by Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra

The Redemption of Mercy KnightCollapse )

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11:25 am - Day 15 - Fic: Team Place: Grim Winter Was Howlin'

Team: Place

Title: Grim Winter Was Howlin'

Rating: G

Warnings: none

Word Count: 1500

Summary: Remus goes to stay with his parents for two weeks. Sirius is distressed.

Notes: I used this generator to create the text messages. This is a modern era (but not muggle) AU in which the events of HP are largely irrelevant. Regulus lives. The song Sirius quotes at James and which incidentally also lends its name to this fic, is Grim Winter Was Howlin' written by Charles Gray in the early 19th century. The two photos in the last text message are taken by me. This was checked over by D, who also encouraged the choice of title. Blame D, not me. ;)

Prompt: #35 - Image of a phone screen with text messages

Grim Winter Was Howlin"Collapse )

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October 20th, 2016

11:11 am - Day 14 – Fic: Team Place: Fires at Midnight
Team: Place

Title: Fires at Midnight

Rating: R

Warnings: explicit language (Sirius' foul mouth), violence, canon character death; first person POV, present tense. Disjointed thoughts, ramblings. Deliberate sentence fragments and misuse of capitalization.

Genres: Angst, Adventure, AU

Word Count: 6100 + art

Summary: What if Sirius got to James and Lily's before Hagrid? What if Remus went with him that night after Pettigrew? What if it all could have been different?

Notes: Honestly? I forgot Sirius wasn't the first one at James at Lily's that night, or the one to get Harry. Don't know why. Still, I hope this all plays out well. Also, thank you to my lovely coworker who betaread this piece; you were a lifesaver.

Prompt: #8 - “Fires at Midnight” by Blackmore's Night

Fires at MidnightCollapse )

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11:10 am - Day 14 - Fic: Team Time: A Very Nice Day
Team: Time

Title: A Very Nice Day

Rating: G

Warnings: Mild references to drinking

Genres: Fluff/Romance

Word Count: 3400

Summary: If you could spend eternity with the one you love, would you?

Notes: Many thanks to my beta.

Prompt: #11 - "Time in a Bottle" by Jim Croce

A Very Nice DayCollapse )

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October 19th, 2016

10:35 am - Day 13 - Fic: Team Time: The Past, the Future and the Present Moment

Team: Time

Title: The Past, the Future and the Present Moment

Rating: PG

Warnings: time travel logic

Word Count: 4200

Summary: As Remus is putting Teddy to bed, he sees a young Sirius Black in his window. A time travel accident brings a 19 year old Sirius and 38 year old Remus face to face. One is filled with hope for the future, the other with burdens of the past; their meeting will help them both.

Notes: Thank you to the mods for such an inspired theme and to Team Time for all the encouragement. And thank you to B for the beta. I tried to make time travel logic consistent to keep story canon, and I hope it worked.

Prompt: #69 - "Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment." - the Buddha

The Past, the Future and the Present MomentCollapse )

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10:32 am - Day 13 - Fic: Team Place: Three Times Teddy Saw the Sea

Team: Place

Title: Three Times Teddy Saw the Sea

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: None

Word Count: 4200

Summary: In the desert, any water will do.

Notes: Thanks as always to the mods for their infinite patience <3

Prompt: #32 - Picture of a quiet harbour

Three Times Teddy Saw the SeaCollapse )

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October 18th, 2016

06:04 am - Day 12 - Art: Team Place: Lost Socks and Sealing Charms
Team: Place

Title: Lost Socks and Sealing Charms

Rating: R

Warnings: a fair amount of shirtless smooching

Genres: humour, romance

Page Count: 36

Summary: In which James loses his lucky socks, Remus and Sirius do nothing of any use, and Peter really needs to find himself new friends.

Notes: This entire thing was just one long excuse to draw Remus and Sirius making out- can you tell? Thank you so much to my wonderful team, especially our team captain, K, who kept the ball rolling as they always do. And thanks, as ever, to the mods for running this wonderful fest in the first place!

Prompt: #24 - Picture of a destroyed bedroom.

Lost Socks and Sealing CharmsCollapse )

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